Title: Short Stories
Published by: Jelly Bean Press Co
Contributors: Heather Justesen

Alone No Longer

Denise listens to her mother’s party going on in the next room and, despite the pain in her broken arm, fears her existence won’t be forgotten for the rest of the night. When the police end the party prematurely and they take her away, she wonders if she’ll ever find a place where she belongs.

This is a prequel to The Ball's in Her Court (now also available on Kindle). Learn more about Denise's past in this short story.


He Doesn't Belong

When the old man moves into the assisted living center, he thinks his kids are just shunting him aside to get rid of him. What use is he anyway when he can no longer live alone? But an old companion--his harmonica--might be the key to building a new life.


Holding On

Since high school Abigail has always known what the man of her dreams looks like: tall, with brown hair and blue eyes. But she never expected the man she’d been having a relationship with in her sleep to walk into the espresso bar where she worked—with another woman on his arm.

Lance has no idea Abigail isn’t just a figment of his wild fantasies, so finding her in the flesh is a dream come true—literally. If only he could get his unwanted date to unlatch her claws from his arm. When he leaves the shop that afternoon, it’s with the intention to return in a few hours, but when a business emergency comes up and then the shop is gutted in a fire, he’s left with no way to contact Abigail, and no mater how hard they try to remember when awake, their dream conversations never seem to get around to that.

It takes months and some heavy ingenuity to find Abigail, but when he does, will she still be waiting for him?