Tristi Pinkston is one of the most versatile writers I know. She writes historicals, cozy mysteries, narrative non-fiction, cook books and now a light-hearted romance.

Here’s the blurb:

With his pride and her prejudice, what could possibly go wrong?

the arrogant Blake Hansen steals Addie Preston’s promotion at the
library, he pretty much rubs her nose in it. But Addie, who dreams of
being a full-fledged librarian, decides to stick it out. She loves
surrounding herself with books and keeping her father’s memory alive in
the building where they spent so much time together.

Soon, Addie
learns that her beloved library will be torn down to make room for a
larger facility, and she has to make a choice. Fight, or let go?

complicate things, she finds herself attracted to Blake, who is engaged
to someone else. Will Blake and Addie ever resolve their differences?

 Addie is a quirky character who’s easy to relate to with believable conflicts and problems. The plot is engrossing with nice twists and turns and characters you want to root for. If you’re looking for a light read for teens or anyone who is young at heart, I totally recommend this book!

You can buy Turning Pages in local bookstores, or online on Amazon. Learn more about the author at