You know the biggest problem with working graveyard shift and then getting a good night’s sleep? My whole day is gone when I get up. So, yeah, I’m a little late posting the winners for last week’s prizes, but I promise I’m only counting the entries that came in by midnight Sunday. First: I want to give a big shout out and thanks to Stephanie Fowers, who found actors (twice) and created this trailer. It turned out great and the kids in it are adorable!

What did I tell you? Okay, now for last week’s winners:

The copy of Honeymoon Heist goes to:

Shelly B

And the personally autographed copy of Agent in Old Lace (which I will have signed for you at Tristi Pinkston’s book launch for Targets and Ties at Pioneer Book this Thursday evening–and which I’ll also be signing at. Hint, hint.) goes to: 

Bonnie H.

Thanks for entering ladies! And remember that there are still two prizes up for grabs, including the $20 gift certificate.

There have been several more terrific reviews of Family by Design since I last posted.

“I really enjoyed this book. I loved Rena’s character and Tucker was very attractive–the kind of guy I’d like my daughters to date. The kids were adorable and realistic, including the tantrums. Justesen cleverly wove in plenty of conflict and drama throughout the story to keep me turning pages. And I loved the ending. It was perfect.” –Rebecca Talley. Read more here.

In Family by Design, Heather Justesen creates real-life characters a reader can care about, fret about, and cry about. I find myself thinking about characters, Rena and Tucker, and Derek and McKenzie, throughout my day, and choking up throughout the book, as I fall in love which each one. –Kathleen Brebes, read more here.

“It was a great story of resiliance, strength, faith and trust and dreams come true sprinked with lots of humor along the way. ” –Debbie Davis, read the rest of the review here.

It was filled with funny kid stories, real feelings, and lovable characters.” –Maria Hoaglund. Read the rest of her thoughts here.

Heather does a superb job at portraying the feelings of her characters.  More than once Rena’s emotions felt all too personal.” –Kim Job, read the rest of the review here.

 Family By Design was such a fun, delightful read that had me laughing, blushing, and occasionally reaching for some tissues.” –Danyelle Ferguson, you can find the rest here.

 “She has a unique turn of phrase and the ability to describe things in a way that makes her books unlike anyone else’s. It’s distinctive and a pleasure to read.”–Tristi Pinkston, Read the rest here.