What happens when two FBI agents start to dog your footsteps and you’re afraid your violent ex-husband is going to track you down and make you pay for taking away his son (even with the court’s approval?). Obviously it’s time to get away—and how better than to take an alias and go somewhere he won’t expect? When Jacey is faced with this exact problem, she takes her old college roommate up on the offer to visit an aunt and uncle the roommate had never met—in Mona. Utah, of all places–and assumes Melissa’s identity. Jacey’s son, Blaze falls instantly in love with the tiny farming community, with the horses and cows on the farm, and settles into life with the people they’re lying to. Jacey loves them as well, but their son, Grant rubs her wrong. Maybe it’s the way he scowls at her from the first moment they meet or the fact that as they get to know each other, she finds herself attracted to more than just his good looks. The question remains—will she stay safe with this family for long enough to get her feet under her and start over again, or will trouble come knocking on her door? The Alias is a fun story with a sweet romance, great characters and a suspenseful plot that keeps moving. At barely two-hundred pages, it was all too short–stories like this are always too short–but it was a great story for first time author, Mandi Slack. I look forward to seeing what else she’s got up her sleeve. Oh, and I met Mandi at Authorpalooza in Orem last week–and she’s a totally nice person, which is always a plus in my opinion.
You can purchase Mandi’s book on Amazon here and it’s also available on ebook for only $3.99–which is a great deal for an LDS novel. You can learn more about Mandi and her projects on her blog.