The past couple of years I hatched baby chicks from February until Halloween or Thanksgiving–there are few things as fun as going to my incubator and finding new babies. This year I’ve been running like crazy and haven’t even cleaned out my incubators, so I’ve been going into withdrawals without the little chirps and whistles of chicks and ducklings.

Due to a dwindling poultry population (I lost a LOT of birds to dogs and coyotes this winter), I decided to try out some new breeds and they arrived this morning. You can’t see the hearts hovering around me whenever I stop to check on them, but they’re there.

I know I was a slacker this week and didn’t post up links to reviews (Fourth of July gets crazy for our family). So here are a few fun quotes and links:

“The unique premise is intriguing and fresh, and the characters completely, utterly lovable.” –Nichole Giles. She posted an interview on her writing blog and a review on her book review blog.

Blank Slate is Heather Justesen’s third published novel and contains the elements we all want in a good read – engaging characters, twists and turns, emotional conflict, and best of all, a romance that continues on long past the last page.”Tristi Pinkston. Read her review here.

“Her writing abilities constantly impress me. She has taken a real life incident and expanded the possibilities.”– Keith Fisher. You can read more here. (And yes, there is a little spoiler at the end, so beware.)
There’s also a review with spoilers at Cheryl’s Book Nook.