I’m so excited about the release of my new book Blank Slate and the seriously awesome Tristi Pinkston has set up my blog tour for me. She’s arranged a great line up of reviewers throughout the month of July. The reviewers are going to post a discount coupon code to buy my ebook from Smashwords (which allows you to download it for your ereader or in PDF for your computer for only $1.49. You can only get this discount code if you visit one of their blogs during the tour.

Here’s the blog tour schedule:

July 1: Heidi Durrant

July 2: Nichole Giles did a review and an interview.

July 4: Tristi Pinkston

July 6: Cheryl Koch

July 7: Keith Fisher

July 9: Lara Neves

July 11: Christine Bryant

July 13: Rachelle Christensen

July 18: Ariel Wilson

July 19: Susan Schleicher

July 19: Jodie Baker

July 20: Kaylynn England

July 23: Danyelle Ferguson

July 25: Karen Clark

July 26: Kristin Durham

July 27: Kari Boardman

July 29: Kari Caulder

Also, at some point there will be an interview by Jennifer Walker and a review by Aislynn Thompson. I’ll add them to the line up when I have definite dates.

I just picked up Heidi Durrant’s review at Latter-Day Woman Magazine and it was great. here’s an exerpt:

“…one thing that stood out to me considering her writing technique is how descritpive she is. I literally thought I was walking hand in hand with these characters. I could see what they were seeing and feel what they were feeling. I have read a few books lately, some books are slow going, others catch me almost instantly. This book caught me right away.” You can find the rest of the review here.