This week one of the authors in my writer’s guild, Rob Ficiur, wrote this great post on a serious plague in our society: Lemuelitis Murmuronia.

Here’s an excerpt:

Years ago the plague of Poliomyelitis ravaged the world. Polio was the most dreaded childhood disease of the early to mid-20th century, causing death and paralysis to those it infected. Lives were destroyed.

In 1952, Jonas Salk discovered a cure for the polio virus. The dreaded disease that plagued North American 50 years ago is almost unheard of by school children today. Caring parents have made sure their children are immunized against this life-threatening disease.

In recent weeks, I have discovered the cure for another plague that is spreading across the world, across our country, even our church and our families. As I announce the discovery of this new disease, I also announce the cure. Those who follow the vaccine that I describe will avoid the heartache, sorrow and lifetime of blindness that are associated with this disease.

The disease I have discovered I have named Lemuelits Murmuronia after that great Book of Mormon leader Lemuel, who is the son of Lehi. Lemuel and his brother Laman took every opportunity they could to murmur.

Click here to read the whole article on Mormon Times.