In three more days it’ll be November, and if you’re a writer, you probably know what that means: NaNoWriMo, also known as National Novel Writing Month. (Never heard of it before? Go to to learn more) I know, like I need to start another story before I’ve polished up the ones I’ve got in the pipeline, but I’m a lemming, so I’m gearing up for the challenge. November has always been a rough month for me to do this challenge because there are so many things going on, but I have an idea I’ve been exploring, and have started a very basic plotline (very, very basic), along with some character sketches. I still need to write The End on SAB, but I think I’m only a few scenes away from finishing my rough draft of that, and I’ll need to let it sit for a few weeks before I start serious edits so I can forget most of the details and see it all with ‘fresh’ eyes. Yes, writers really say crazy things like that.

Now, to celebrate Nano, I’ve been checking out some Youtube videos, and I thought you might enjoy this one:

This one isn’t nearly as much fun, but it explains what Nano is all about and gives you a few tips if you want to join us.

There are lots of others, so pop over and do a search. Oh, and feel free to join me in the insanity!