Day 15: Take Time to Relax

So a few days ago I talked about what a hard worker my mom is, but she isn’t all work (it just seems that way sometimes). My parents like to take their trailer out several times during the summer just to get away so they can take a total break from all of the work and telephones. When you own a business in a small town it can be hard to get away–everyone knows where you live and how to reach you on your home phone at all hours of the day (and night).

This weekend they had planned to pull the trailer to a favorite campground about half an hour away, but then realized between taking the trailer up to drop it off a day early, then going back after work tomorrow, coming back for church, then returning for one last night they would be doing a lot of driving.

Instead they decided to do a staycation (if you haven’t seen the Corner Gas episode where the guy takes a staycation “in Hawaii” or wherever it is he goes that year –in the front parking lot of his gas station–you’re missing out. I don’t think we will have to talk to them as though we were writing a letter or postcard to them on their trip, like in the TV show, but hopefully they’ll find the break relaxing anyway). As my dad said, they have a six foot privacy fence, a portable fire pit, a barbeque and plenty of Dutch oven equipment. I migth have to arrange to bring peach cobbler fixings for Sunday dinner if he’s going to be Dutch ovening anyway. Yum!

We’ll see if they can actually pull themselves away from their work while they are at home. The chance to unwind is totally necessary for our bodies and minds–especially when you are used to working 14-hour days, or more six days a week.

Oh, and if anyone from my hometown happens upon this post–I’m just kidding, they really did leave town. You can’t reach them, so you’ll have to wait until Tueday to talk to them. Leave a message! Sorry! =)