Day 13: Cheer Others On

This is going to be short because I’ve had an incredibly long day of work and driving halfway across the state (Okay, only to Utah County, but it felt like halfway across the state before I finished!).

It seems when you turn on the television, or even if you just overhear people in the line for the graoery store that so many people feel an intense competition to be better than everyone else around them. Petty jealousies abound–which is the cause of so much of the grief and pain around us.

My mom, however, rarely makes a negative remark about something someone else may have, or do. She taught me to rejoice with others when things go well for them, to be happy for the good things, even when they aren’t necessarily happening to me. I think a lot of this comes back to attitude–are we happy with what we have, or do we covet what others own or their successes in life?

I’m sure there have been moments when those twinges of covetousness or jealousy have affected her, as they do for all of us, but she doesn’t make a habit of infecting others with those feelings–as snide comments and snubs are sure to do. Her example has enabled me to see the good in those around me, and to be truly happy for friends as they reach special milestonees I am still striving for and may never reach.