I was visiting over at Anne Bradshaw’s blog today and noticed she was giving away a copy of Tiny Talks by Lee Ann Setzer. This is a great resource for parents, grandparents, and even wards. The Primary presidency in my ward always keeps one of these on hand in case one of the children scehdule to speake or give the scripture is gone that week. There is a short talk and scripture that is focused on the topic the children are studying that week for every week of the year, along with suggested visual aids.

With this resource, an older child can easily step in and fill the role. It would also be a great idea for the parent whose child forgets to tell them of an upcoming talk in Prinmary until that morning. Beyond that, it makes for a quick mini-lesson for other times you want to teach your children about the gospel. This year’s Primary theme is all about families.

Lee Ann is also the author of Sariah McDuff, Primary Diva, and the soon-to-be-released Famous Family Nights. Visit Annes blog for more information and to learn how to enter to win her contest.