November is here and fall is racing toward winter with every-increasing speed. My few tiny trees are hanging onto their leaves, but the neighborhood is awash in red and golds as the last of the leaves are changing color. If your yard is looking a little humdrum, this is the perfect time to look around and see where you might add a bush with showy fall leaves, or even a tree that will add interest. Spring is the best time of year to plant trees, but don’t count fall out. Not only can you get great prices on the end of the nursery stock, but if you water the trees in good before the ground freezes and mulch them in, your new trees have a great opportunity to establish root systems before the summer heat hits.

Image by Robert Davis from Pixabay

Now that Halloween is past, many of us have jack-o-lanterns that are turning mushy. If you have a compost pile, break the pumpkins up and bury them into your last bunch of grass clippings or pile of fall leaves.

And speaking of fall leaves–don’t forget what great mulch they can make on sleeping flower beds or garden beds. Another great option for mulching is any pine needles piling up beneath trees in your area. Many homeowners would love it if you volunteered to clear away their pine tree’s leavings.