When things heat up, it’s time to play in the dirt.

Yes, I know the last frost date for my area isn’t for another two weeks, but since all of the daffodils and tulips have died out, and the irises are just getting ready to bloom, my yard is looking pretty boring. Even then, so many of my perennials didn’t make it through the winter (the local nursery owner said it was probably the constant freezing and thawing, so I guess there are drawbacks to having a mild winter, after all.) and of course, the annuals all needed replacing.

Thus, while I was in Provo Tuesday, I stopped into Home Depot and picked up a few things. Just a few–considering what I wanted to come home with, anyway. Looking back, I didn’t really get amazing prices on the plants. I’d do better to stay home for the majority of my plant purchases, though I did get a water hyacinth for my pond and a hydrangea for my newest flower bed, but those are the exceptions.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday looking at all the new plants and trees for sale in town and found my hands itching to buy, buy, buy. Maybe when my next paycheck hits the bank.

So I spent most of the day in the yard cleaning up weeds and planting my new babies. 53 annuals (including my basil), 21 or so perennials and a tree later, not to mention thirty or so gallons of weeds hauled away, and I’m done for the day.

One of these days I’ll have to start thinking about my vegetable garden.

Thankfully, my irises are starting to come into bloom. This is the first blossom of the season.

Unlike writing books–a process which eventually comes to an end–a garden is in constant need of work. (I know, I know, rewrites on a book sometimes seem to be endless.) There are always new plants to add, dead ones to replace (that happens a lot in my yard), new beds to add, and of course, the constant weeding. Someday there will be mowing to do too, but though we’ve been in our house over a year, I don’t see it happening before the snow flies. And possibly not next summer either. We’re taking this landscaping stuff one bite at a time, and grass is several projects down the road.

Meanwhile, I haven’t been to the nursery just up the highway yet. I wonder what they’ve got in stock? Maybe a road trip is in order.