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Unshakable Love- Book 1 in the new Shelter Sisters series

He’s watching.

Meena thinks that she has it made when she wins the lotto with her five closest friends. They have big plans and she’s thrilled with the chance to spend more time with her three-year-old son, Deven and create her one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. But then the emails start coming.

In Haiku.

Her new pen pal is totally devoted, and totally freaking her out. She already gets recognized for winning the lotto, and this makes her even more paranoid about going out in public.

Army Paratrooper Kaleb Muller is thrilled when he runs into Meena while he’s off his Army base running errands in Leavenworth. He tells himself he just wants to make sure his best friend’s widow is okay, but when he spends time with her and Deven, he realizes the feelings for her that he had been trying to ignore are still there. When he learns about the stalker, he’s determined to help. If he can get to her see him as more than a friend along the way, all the better.


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